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Kanye's doctor recommended an MRI for migraine. Why didn't yours?

Posted by Lisa Campisi

News stations have recently reported that Kanye West was rushed to a hospital in Australia during his recent tour due to an intense migraine. If you suffer from migraines, you may be asking yourself why your doctor didn’t recommend an MRI. While there is a chance that Kanye’s doctor, like many of us, may have just been plain curious about what is going on in his head, but since an MRI scan is not able to diagnose migraines, cluster or tension headaches, it’s more likely that he is either suffering from chronic headaches or they were trying to rule out another medical condition.   

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Seeing is believing: Get the most quality and comfort from your MRI.

Posted by James Ivas

Most people will agree that the word “fun” doesn’t pop into their head when finding out they need to have an MRI scan. The majority of patients will be concerned with both their comfort during the scan and correctly diagnosing the injury. Some patients will think that the open style of a machine will leave them more at ease. However, the true source of a better experience is the core of the machine, the magnet. At Shields, we provide both with our 1.5T and 3T wide, open bore MRI machines.

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