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Radiology Reports and Speech Recognition – Technology run amok!

As medical professionals in MRI and CT, we pride ourselves on operating a high quality, patient- focused imaging facility with exceptionally trained radiologists and state-of-the-art equipment. Although our radiologists sit in dark rooms reading... Continued

Breast Screening Guidelines for Women including Breast MRI

Type of Test Who should have it How often Self Breast Exam Self exams are performed to detect changes that could lead to breast cancer. These exams help you to learn what is normal for your breast tissue. Most of the time breast... Continued

MRI /CT Cost -- WOW! Charges and out-of-pocket costs add up

Yes, I read the article that I have choice where I go for an MRI or CT scan but it didn't hit home until the bill came in the mail. Continued

MRI - You choose where to go for your scan!

When your doctor recommends you get an MRI or CT scan, he or she may also recommend where you get the scan. But the fact of the matter is that YOU have every right to recommend to your doctor where you’d prefer to go for imaging. And those of us on... Continued

MRI - Medical Images & access for elders & students abroad

I too know the importance of quick and complete access to a family member's medical information as described in a recent blog by Dr. Tiron Pechet. Although my sisters and I carry an abbreviated list of our parents medications on a laminated card in... Continued

Should I keep my own MRI / CT pictures?

Yes! Not only should you keep them but they belong to you. Continued

7 Tips for HR Directors - Negotiate more for your Health Care Dollars

To successfully recruit and retain the best talent, Human Resources Directors and Talent Managers must offer cost effective, high quality employee benefits. To help strike the best deal for employees and dependents we can not overlook the value of... Continued

Radiation Cancer Treatment & Safety - Questions to Ask

Recently reported radiation treatment mishaps have spurred Members of Congress to investigate what should be ‘never events". While the incidents cited were extremely unfortunate, in most instances radiation therapy treats and cures many cancers... Continued

MRI of a thumb? What does an MRI of a thumb look like?

As we gather around the water cooler there was lots of chatter about the Red Sox Disabled List. Naturally, the question came up “What does a torn adductor muscle of the thumb look like?” Continued

CT / CAT Scan - minimize radiation exposure

Q: Will I be exposed to radiation when I have a CT scan? A: Yes. Continued

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