MRI - Medical Images & access for elders & students abroad

scanband imagesI too know the importance of quick and complete access to a family member's medical information as described in a recent blog by Dr. Tiron Pechet. Although my sisters and I carry an abbreviated list of our parents medications on a laminated card in our wallets it is not always accurate in emergencies. First, it's static and must be manually updated following any and all prescription changes. This means it is only as reliable as we are diligent in updating. We are well intentioned but we aren't  perfect so neither is the medication list in our wallet. With a parent wearing a scan band, the medical version of the 'live strong bracelet,' we know and are reassured recent surgeries, medical images and physical therapy plans are easliy accesible and current. We also know our parents can avoid the lengthy and time consuming intake process common to a hospital admission or doctor's visit can be avoided because vital information is at the fingertips of the medical evaluation team. In the best of cases it is similar to a life insurance plan because we know no matter where our parents travel a treating physician can access a more complete medical history and formulate a comprehensive care plan for the best possible outcome. 

There is equal value in providing medical content via the "scan band" for students involved in travel team sports or studying abroad. As young and healthy as our young students are, parents want to be sure that if there is a question of a concussion, torn acl or history of migraines the medical professionals treating our student and athletes have access to necessary, often vital,  medical information for diagnosis and treatment. Simply stated access to medical data by trusted professionals will result in fewer repeat studies of medical tests and waste of resources AND more focused energy on developing an appropriate care plan for the patient /student/athlete. 

There is a great responsibility that goes hand in hand with the portability of medical information. That is, to keep your medical information close to you and keep it current. Always be aware of maintaining the integrity of the information ~ be vigilant and keep it up-dated and secure. 


One real life experience to note - passing through airport security with the scan band can cause you to stand out! Wearing the 'scan band' is not always smooth sailing through US airports though our European counterparts appear more familiar and accepting of the technology. So, in US airports it might be best to place it in your carry on bag for safekeeping but put it on when oyu arrive at your destination. Safe Travels! 

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