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3 Things Everyone Should Know about Lung Cancer


Low Dose Chest CT Screening and Lung Cancer

The problem: Continued

Study finds CT Scans aid in reducing lung cancer deaths

Check out Gardiner Harris' article in the New York Times: "CT Scans Cut Lung Cancer Deaths, Study Finds." Mr. Harris reports on a recent study that finds annual CT scans for 'heavy' smokers can aid in reducing deaths by lung cancer by 20%! Continued

CT Virtual Colonoscopy - What are the benefits?

Virtual colonoscopy (VC) is an examination of the large intestine and rectum involving a CT scan after the introduction of gas into the colon. Another name for the procedure is CT colonography. Continued

Radiation Therapy - deciphering common Radiation Therapy terms

The world of cancer care is often surrounded by terms and acronyms unfamiliar to most of us. In this blog we offer a glossary of common terms related to radiation therapy: Continued

Breast Screening Guidelines for Women including Breast MRI

Type of Test Who should have it How often Self Breast Exam Self exams are performed to detect changes that could lead to breast cancer. These exams help you to learn what is normal for your breast tissue. Most of the time breast... Continued

Radiation Cancer Treatment & Safety - Questions to Ask

Recently reported radiation treatment mishaps have spurred Members of Congress to investigate what should be ‘never events". While the incidents cited were extremely unfortunate, in most instances radiation therapy treats and cures many cancers... Continued

CT / CAT Scan - minimize radiation exposure

Q: Will I be exposed to radiation when I have a CT scan? A: Yes. Continued

Will I be exposed to radiation if I have an MRI?

No. You will not receive any ionizing radiation. In non-technical terms, ionizing radiation means radiation that is capable of altering chemical compounds. – In this case the chemicals that make up your body or DNA. Mostly we’re worried about... Continued

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