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Head trauma: a serious threat to children athletes. Is an MRI needed?

Posted by James Ivas

If your children play football or any contact sport, do they face the risk of injuring their head? Yes. If he or she never experiences a concussion, are they risk-free from any negative changes in the brain? No.

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What Mom & Dad Should Know When Your Child Needs An MRI.

Posted by Lisa Campisi

You’ve just learned that your child’s doctor recommends an MRI. Whether it’s a baseball injury, a concussion, a neurological concern or another condition, every parent wants the same thing – to ensure their child’s safety and speedy recovery.  While your doctor will go over the specifics of the exam and what to expect, there are some tips that can just help make the process easier and less stressful. Shields Health Care Group, the experts in MRI, share information and tips on how to prepare your little one for an MRI.

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