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Breast Cancer Awareness: Breast Cancer Screening Options

Posted by Mary Scanlan


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Is it 40 or 50? Clearing up the Confusion about Mammography Age Recommendations.

Posted by Lisa Campisi

Early detection remains the best way to improve survival rates of breast cancer. Millions of women know the importance of and participate in regularly scheduled screening mammograms, but there has been varied recommendations in the news around the age guidelines for screening mammograms. Below is some important information about screening guidelines about why you should have your first annual screening mammogram starting at age 40.

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Self-refer and self-pay for a breast MRI scan? Yes, you can... and right on Cape Cod.

Posted by Lisa Campisi

The wave of the future in breast cancer screening is now available only on Cape Cod.

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Women's Health - Mammography debate continues

Posted by Carmel Shields

A recently released study from Sweden is fostering debate over what age women should get mammograms.

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