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7 things you should know about an MRI (like there are certain people who shouldn't get them!)

Posted by Lisa Campisi

An average of one in ten people need an MRI each year and if you are one of them, chances are that you’re a tad nervous. Hopefully knowing these 7 things about MRIs beforehand will help you have an easier and pleasant experience.

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Radiation Therapy - deciphering common Radiation Therapy terms

Posted by Carmel Shields

The world of cancer care is often surrounded by terms and
acronyms unfamiliar to most of us. In this blog we offer a glossary of common terms related to radiation therapy:
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Do I need an MRI or CT?

Posted by Siobhan Quinn

Do I need an MRI or CT? is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear on a daily basis and often followed by the question Is it safe?  

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Radiation Cancer Treatment & Safety - Questions to Ask

Posted by Carmel Shields

Recently  reported radiation treatment mishaps have spurred Members of Congress to investigate what should be ‘never events". While the incidents cited were extremely unfortunate, in most instances radiation therapy treats and cures many cancers safely and effectively yet there are questions to ask and answers to have before you choose a radiation therapy facility.

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CT / CAT Scan - minimize radiation exposure

Posted by Siobhan Quinn

Q: Will I be exposed to radiation when I have a CT scan?

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Will I be exposed to radiation if I have an MRI?

Posted by Tiron Pachet

No.  You will not receive any ionizing radiation. In non-technical terms, ionizing radiation means radiation that is capable of altering chemical compounds. – In this case the chemicals that make up your body or DNA.  Mostly we’re worried about radiation that could potentially alter our DNA  If radiation cannot change DNA then there is no accepted scientific evidence that it can cause cancer.  During a clinical MRI examination you will not receive radiation that is capable of damaging or altering the chemical structure of your DNA.

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