Sustainability in Health Care

SustainabilityHappy Earth Day! 

Here at Shields we’re eco-conscious year-round, but Earth Day gives us good reason to celebrate and share our efforts in the health arena that not only benefit our patients, but the world we live in. Take a look at how we  support and partner with companies that also are environmentally friendly. Here are just a few partners who help us deliver on our commitment to be eco-friendly: 

GE: GE introduced an ecoimagination program in order to meet customer and partner demands for more energy efficient, green products. GE is equally committed to sustainability, and has strengthened that commitment by setting a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.By creating this goal, GE will not produce the harmful emissions that have characterized the company’s history, causing the manufacturing of the MRI machine to be much more environmentally friendly. Their revolutionary AIRTM Coils provide clinical versatility, comfort, and coverage. Every step forward with GE technology helps lower the energy output of the MRI process. Their new AIRTM technology shorts exam set-up time, and makes every day operations at the facilities it resides more efficient. 



Siemens: Siemens Healthineers recognize the importance of eco-friendly energy production. They offer a broad range of energy solutions that have a focused eye on the future. They have strict processes to make sure products, systems, and services from all Siemens companies qualify for their Environmental Portfolio. Siemens has developed an EHS (environment health + safety) management system in order to develop products that require less energy usage. Not only does each advancement allow for more energy efficiency; improved technology can lead to shorter scan times, further lowering the energy output. Their products are proof that technological innovations can enhance image quality, productivity, and energy efficiency all at the same time. 


By partnering with companies that provide their patients with not only a comfortable experience but an energy efficient device, Shields choses an ecologically smart trajectory for our patients and our company.


Looking for some small changes that can make a big difference?  

  • Reusable water bottles: Try using less plastic by bringing a refillable water bottle to work! Most office spaces utilize water fountains designed specifically for bottle refills
  • Turn off your monitor at night: Clocking out? Try remembering to shut down your monitor to conserve energy
  • Go green: Adding a plant or succulent to the office or your desk can not only look attractive, but they produce lots of oxygen with very low maintenance!



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