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CT Images of the Shoulder - Broken Clavicle / Broken Collarbone

Posted by Steve Sweriduk

What does a broken collarbone /clavicle look like on a CT scan?

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Do I need an MRI or CT?

Posted by Siobhan Quinn

Do I need an MRI or CT? is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear on a daily basis and often followed by the question Is it safe?  

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MRI /CT Cost -- WOW! Charges and out-of-pocket costs add up

Posted by Carmel Shields

Yes, I read the article that I have choice where I go for an MRI or CT scan but it didn't hit home until the bill came in the mail. 

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CT / CAT Scan - minimize radiation exposure

Posted by Siobhan Quinn

Q: Will I be exposed to radiation when I have a CT scan?

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