"Manogram": Multiparametric Prostate MRI

9.23 Manogram

Manogram - it's not a typo.

We've all heard of mammograms - the well-known procedure that can help detect breast cancer in women - but there’s also a diagnostic tool that can detect prostate cancer in men. This test most likely saved Bill Whelan's life.

Bill knew he had an elevated P.S.A based on a blood test, but after a biopsy his doctor told him that there was a 98% chance he didn’t have prostate cancer, but they were wrong. Bill got a specific MRI scan known as a multiparametric prostate scan, sometimes referred to as a manogram. The scan clearly showed a small tumor in his prostate that the biopsy had missed.

One in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and it’s the third leading cause of cancer deaths in men. Traditional biopsies are the usual diagnostic treatment option, but they can cause a false negative. The manogram is more accurate.

“We had another patient who had three negative biopsies, but his P.S.A kept rising, so we did an multiparametric prostate MRI and found a tumor.” Dr. Stephen Sweriduk, Chief Medical Officer at Shields MRI. 

Biopsies can cause unnecessary pain and there’s risk for complications, infections and sepsis. With a multiparametric prostate MRI, men can have a much more targeted biopsy done and avoid any unnecessary procedures and pain. It provides the resolution needed to detect the smallest tumor and provide the appropriate assessment. 

This new diagnostic treatment plan will hopefully persuade more men to get checked for prostrate cancer. As for Bill, he’s now 79 and enjoying the retired life playing golf.

For more information on our Manograms, including a detailed FAQ section, and downloadable brochure, please visit https://shields.com/prostate_mri/

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