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6 Insider Facts about Shields MRI’s Infamous TV Commercial

With the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl yet again, we can't help but think back fondly to our TV commercial that aired during the big game and got updated to include the team's 5th championship ring. Below are some interesting factoids from... Continued

MRI at the Movies: Venom

MRI at the Movies: Venom Continued

GoSocial Employee Photo Contest!


Talking Turkey: A Shields Family Tradition Since 1986


Shields MR...Why? 8 Breast MRI Questions Answered

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- an annual campaign to increase awareness of a disease that will affect 1 in 8 U.S. women over the course of their lifetimes. Awareness can lead to increased support for research, diagnosis and treatment... Continued

Breast Cancer Awareness: Breast Cancer Screening Options


Prepping for the fall sports season? Here's a common football injury every parents should know about.


World Cup fever? Keep an eye out for this Injury.


Chronic hip pain under 40? Don’t ignore it. What I learned about labral tears & arthritis at 20.

As a collegiate athlete I have experienced many injuries from sports, yet it was somewhat alarming when I developed chronic hip pain. Being 20 years old and not being capable of bending over to tie my shoes is not something with which a lot of young... Continued

Marathon Monday Runner's Injury: Achilles Tendonitis & MRI

The city of Boston will soon be flooded with runners who have been diligently training for the 2024 Boston Marathon. Most runners will be feeling excited that the day has finally arrived – but there will also be some who are dreading it, as they... Continued

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