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Chest pain & palpitations: why this doctor recommended a cardiac MRI.


3 Things Everyone Should Know about Lung Cancer


Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines

Most people don’t know that prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among American men, affecting roughly 1 in every 7. Early detection is the key to treating prostate cancer – so here is what you should know…..   Continued

Putting Off Your Mammogram? Here are the top myths about mammography debunked.


Screening for breast cancer in high-risk patients - MRI or mammogram?

Emmy-award-winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and announced it using a startling statistic: “One in eight women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one.” Continued

5 things a guy should know about prostate cancer

Its more common than breast cancer.For men at average risk, about one man in seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.  According to the National Cancer Institute, it’s the second most common cancer for men, representing 7... Continued

How much will I pay for an MRI in Massachusetts?

On a high-deductible health plan this year? You are not alone! More and more employers are implementing these plans that put more of the responsibility to pay out-of-pocket for certain health care procedures onto the patient. As a health care... Continued

7 things you should know about an MRI (like there are certain people who shouldn't get them!)

An average of one in ten people need an MRI each year and if you are one of them, chances are that you’re a tad nervous. Hopefully knowing these 7 things about MRIs beforehand will help you have an easier and pleasant experience. Continued

Is it 40 or 50? Clearing up the Confusion about Mammography Age Recommendations.

Early detection remains the best way to improve survival rates of breast cancer. Millions of women know the importance of and participate in regularly scheduled screening mammograms, but there has been varied recommendations in the news around... Continued

Spring runners: Beware increased mileage. MRI and Patellar Tendonitis.

With the start of spring, there one thing New Englanders always look forward to: warmer weather. And if you’re a runner, that means the end of treadmill season!  As the Boston Marathon approaches, many runners will be pushing themselves to hit... Continued

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