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Ain't No Mountain High Enough: What if this "Game of Thrones" character needed an MRI? Could he fit in an open machine?

What is an arthrogram?


Multiple Sclerosis and MRI

Another marriage saved by Shields!

6 Insider Facts about Shields MRI’s Infamous TV Commercial

MRI at the Movies: Venom

GoSocial Employee Photo Contest!

Talking Turkey: A Shields Family Tradition Since 1986

Shields MR...Why? 8 Breast MRI Questions Answered

Breast Cancer Awareness: Breast Cancer Screening Options

Prostate Cancer: How Shields MRI Plays a Role in Better Biopsies

Prepping for the fall sports season? Here's a common football injury every parents should know about.

World Cup fever? Keep an eye out for this Injury.

Chronic hip pain under 40? Don’t ignore it. What I learned about labral tears & arthritis at 20.

Marathon Monday Runner's Injury: Achilles Tendonitis & MRI

Ever had your heart skip a beat? A cardiac MRI may be in your future.

Chest pain & palpitations: why this doctor recommended a cardiac MRI.

3 Things Everyone Should Know about Lung Cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines

Putting Off Your Mammogram? Here are the top myths about mammography debunked.

Screening for breast cancer in high-risk patients - MRI or mammogram?

5 things a guy should know about prostate cancer

How much will I pay for an MRI in Massachusetts?

7 things you should know about an MRI (like there are certain people who shouldn't get them!)

Is it 40 or 50? Clearing up the Confusion about Mammography Age Recommendations.

Spring runners: Beware increased mileage. MRI and Patellar Tendonitis.

3 Reasons to schedule your MRI now at Shields MRI

Did you know a Pap Test does NOT detect ovarian cancer? Know the symptoms & signs for detection.

Self-refer and self-pay for a breast MRI scan? Yes, you can... and right on Cape Cod.

Five questions you should ask BEFORE your MRI.

X-ray, MRI, PET, CT & PET/CT: A closer look at these common imaging techniques

Stilettos a staple in your wardrobe? Think twice before wearing high heels.

ACL injury & lacrosse: an athlete's perspective on prevention, MRI & recovery

MRI & Rotator Cuff Injuries: when you need one & when you don't.

The question everyone asks: WHY does Shields MRI cost less?

Two MRIs. One BIG difference.

Shoveling injuries: Will I need an MRI?

An MRI for Christmas? What to expect from healthcare transparency tools.

What is Shields MRI thankful for? Our employees - here's why.

Five REAL tips to help the family on a high-deductible health plan

Christina Applegate's breast cancer diagnosis came from an MRI: Why hasn't my doctor recommended one?

Kanye's doctor recommended an MRI for migraine. Why didn't yours?

Three things no one tells you about your MRI.

Seeing is believing: Get the most quality and comfort from your MRI.

MRI help for patients suffering from claustrophobia & anxiety of tight spaces.

Do you need an MRI for your neck pain or back pain?

Three questions to ask your doctor when he says "MRI."

Head trauma: a serious threat to children athletes. Is an MRI needed?

Shopping for shoes? No problem. Healthcare? That's a different story.

Marathon Aftermath: MRI for Runner's Injury, Plantar Fasciitis

So you think you can dance? Just don't do it during your MRI scan!

Education on sports-related concussions and MRI

The Benefits of MRI for Sports-related Concussion from Shields MRI

What is an MRI arthrogram? What to expect for this MRI procedure.

What patients want to know about MRI machines. 1.2T, 1.5T, 3T - whats the difference?

What Mom & Dad Should Know When Your Child Needs An MRI.

Thumb MRI & Sports injuries of the thumb

Suffering from back pain and neck pain?

Plantar Fascia Imaging

Ten ways to make the most of your health care in 2013

Tips for talking to your doctor about price

Torn Quadricep - as seen on an MRI

Low Dose Chest CT Screening and Lung Cancer

Study finds CT Scans aid in reducing lung cancer deaths

CT Virtual Colonoscopy - What are the benefits?

CT Images of the Shoulder - Broken Clavicle / Broken Collarbone

Hamstring Injury and MRI images

Concussions & Head Trauma - What you should know

Women's Health - Mammography debate continues

MRI, CT and PET Scan Times

Rate of Return of a Wellness Program

MRI Images - torn ACL and normal ACL

Does my size matter if I need an MRI?

Radiation Therapy - deciphering common Radiation Therapy terms

Do I need an MRI or CT?

iPad – the Role of the iPAD in Medicine and MRI Imaging

Radiology Reports and Speech Recognition – Technology run amok!

Breast Screening Guidelines for Women including Breast MRI

MRI /CT Cost -- WOW! Charges and out-of-pocket costs add up

MRI - You choose where to go for your scan!

MRI - Medical Images & access for elders & students abroad

Should I keep my own MRI / CT pictures?

7 Tips for HR Directors - Negotiate more for your Health Care Dollars

Radiation Cancer Treatment & Safety - Questions to Ask

MRI of a thumb? What does an MRI of a thumb look like?

CT / CAT Scan - minimize radiation exposure

Will I be exposed to radiation if I have an MRI?

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